Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gateshead Lib Dems announce candidates for General Election

Frank Hindle Jonathan Wallace Peter Maughan Apr 17

Liberal Democrats in Gateshead have announced their candidates for the snap general election. And they bring with them a combined total of 78 years of representing local people.

Frank Hindle, a former computing lecturer, has been chosen for Gateshead constituency. He was first elected to Gateshead Council in 1991 when he won his seat in Low Fell.  During his time as a Councillor this former Conservative/Labour marginal has become a Lib Dem election stronghold.

Frank served as a spokesperson on Health and Care issues before being Leader of the Opposition in Gateshead from 2011 to 2015. Frank stood down as a Councillor last year and since then has focussed his time on a range of other political and community initiatives.

Peter Maughan, a solicitor, has been selected for Jarrow which includes 2 wards from Gateshead: Pelaw and Heworth (won by the Lib Dems from Labour last year) and Wardley and Leam Lane. Peter was first elected to Gateshead Council in 1994 for Whickham North when he took the seat from Labour.

Jonathan Wallace, who lives the “good life” in Sunniside where he keeps goats, bees and chickens and grows his own food, has been chosen to fight Blaydon for the Liberal Democrats. Jonathan was first elected to Gateshead Council for Whickham South and Sunniside in 1987 when he won the seat from the Conservatives. He became Leader of the Opposition in 2015.

“Labour have taken our area for granted for too long,” said Frank. “We are going to give Labour a run for their money in Gateshead. Everyone knows that only the Lib Dems can mount a serious challenge to Labour’s dominance here.”

“As Lib Dem Councillors in Gateshead, we have shown how we will do the job of being local MPs,” said Jonathan. “We will keep in touch with residents and be accessible. We will keep residents informed and engaged.

“Labour have taken our area for granted for too long and we intend putting them out to grass so our area can have a strong voice in Parliament to oppose the Conservative government.”

“Labour have failed as an opposition to the Conservatives, never mind as an alternative government,” said Peter. “They even threw in their lot with the Conservatives when it came to fighting for Britain to stay in the Single Market, so vital for our manufacturing jobs in the North East.”

Photo above: Frank Hindle, Jonathan Wallace and Peter Maughan attached.

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