Thursday, May 04, 2017

Making progress with Low Fell’s ponds?

The ponding between the Gateshead Arms and  Carters  Lodge  is  finally  being addressed. The drains have been unable to cope  with  anything  more  than  showers, making walking difficult and in icy weather, dangerous.

After  normal  rainfall,  dangerous  and unsightly ponds have remained for days. While some problems elsewhere on Durham Road were dealt with last year, engineers identified this area as requiring major work.

Lib Dem campaigner Frank  Hindle said,  “Councillors  and residents have been calling for action on the site for more than two years. It is about time that residents were able to walk on dry land after it rains and we hope that this work resolves the problem.”

Work started in early April, and was due to finish later in April, but has been extended into  May. Lib Dem Low Fel Councillors Daniel  Duggan  said  “We appreciate that this work has meant delays for motorists and bus passengers, but it really has been necessary”

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