Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gateshead residents asked about “Get Carter” car park demolition

GATESHEAD residents are being asked whether or not they support the demolition of the landmark “Get Carter” car park.

An on-line poll has been set up on the party’s local news blog, Gateshead News. Residents are asked whether or not they support the Council’s recent go-ahead for demolition.

The car park was made famous as one of the venues for the 1972 film classic “Get Carter” starring Michael Cain. Gateshead Council took the decision in June to demolish the car park by November.

Councillor Jonathan Wallace, who supports the demolition of the car park and the redevelopment of Gateshead town centre, said, “We thought it would be useful to let people give their own views by voting on our on-line poll.”


Ex-pat said...

About time it came down. The only decision left to be made is that to employ Controlled Demolition of Bradford to blow it.

Anonymous said...

Was'ent Alf Roberts a councillour in Corination Street?

Anonymous said...

Typical bloody Britain destroying it's heritage and no wonder most of our castles are ruins here. Save and restore the car park for future generations to enjoy and use it as a tourist attraction.