Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Liberal Democrats petition on Watergate “scandal”

LIBERAL Democrats in Lobley Hill, Dunston Hill and Whickham in Gateshead have launched a petition calling for more dog waste bins to be installed in Watergate Park.

Residents have raised with the party’s councillors and campaigners their concerns about the lack of waste bins in the park which is popular with dog walkers.

Leading the petition is Susan Craig, Focus Team Leader for Lobley Hill.

“Residents have told us it’s a scandal that the only bin is at the car park,” said Susan. “The overwhelming majority of dog owners are responsible and take a bag to scoop up their pet’s poo.

“But apart from a bin in a place that for many is out of the way, there is nowhere to put the waste.

“We hope our petition will be supported by Gateshead Council.”

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christine said...

Gateshead Access Panel recently held a focus group regarding access and inclusion issues for disabled people with regard to countyside sites such as Watergate. One of the main issues raised to enable disabled people to use sites, was the need for dog waste bins on sites, together with toilet and seating facilities.