Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Labour hold Dunston and Teams by-election

The Dunston and Teams by-election, on Thursday 5th July, was held by Labour. The votes cast were:

Labour 793
Liberal Democrats (Michael Ruddy) 285
BNP 131
Conservatives 69

Majority 508

The seat was the top target for the BNP in the North East but their performance must be leaving them wondering why they bothered.

Meanwhile the Conservatives broke their own record for the lowest vote they have ever achieved in a ward in Gateshead.


clasper village genius said...

Congrats for coming second to Labour (again).

But, why do you keep repeating the lie that this is the BNP's top target seat in the Norh East?

I realise you have spending time with Greg Stone in Sedgefield, but you really must resist adopting all his bad habits!

Michelin Man said...

Another crushing defeat hard on the heels of the humiliating Wingrove pasting, Kevin. Any more showings up like this and I can see Ken quitting politics to spend more time with his families!

Interesting that Keith has publicly decried your performance – you should have listened to him. I nominate D-Day George as the next Gateshead organizer – his dynamism will do you guys the world of good.

Good job you’ve got Sedgefield to take your mind off things. Shame about the Walker bros chucking their careers away for nothing though. I think you made the right decision not to bother with a career and stick to dead end stuff.

Has Nick had you out to Croatia yet? Oops, I forgot that the days of your freebies are over since your sacking. At least Jackson’s got the bottle to challenge Griffin, unlike you.


clasper village genius said...

More snidey, second-hand bile and blather from Mark of TWAFA.

Take no notice of the crank, readers.

He gets paid to write it!

michelin man said...

What a disappointing response, Kevin. I thought you were going to explain how the D&T result showed that the bnp is about to break into the political mainstream and take Sedgefield. Take some time to reflect on the disastrous performance of the bnp in May in Newcastle and Gateshead and try learning some lessons. Humility has never been your strongpoint. May I recommend that you follow Keith's example and ask yourself some searching questions.

I don't think that any of my previous comments were snidey and I feel hurt when you dismiss them as such. Equally, it is disappointing to hear you dismiss me as a crank for raising the question of the Walker brothers, both teachers from Co. Durham who stood as candidates in May for the bnp. Sadly, they have both been silly and have been in hot water for viewing inappropriate websites on their school computers. Adam Walker resigned rather than make a fight of it; younger brother Mark is a tad more feisty and wants to make a stand. We'll see how far he gets with that in due course. In the meantime, both brothers are busying themselves in the Sedgefield by-election. Adam has recently been promoted to the executive cttee of the fascist's own trade union, Solidarity, and is running its national contact address from a Spennymoor PO Box which was all arranged the other week when Nick Griffin came up for the launch of the campaign, I am told. This is a meteoric rise for Adam by any standards. Are you subbing them some of your Civil Liberty cash? Has anyone told the brothers that Soldarity is dead in the water following another bnp financial scandal? Lambs to the slaughter. Find out more here http://lancasteruaf.blogspot.com/2007/07/solidarity-disaster-goes-critical-as.html

Maybe you think I'm a crank for raising the bnp leadership contest. I see the Jackson camp are going mad about the whole process, biased as it is to Old Nick. Little bit hypocritical, don't you think, that the self-appointed party of free speech can't even arrange an equitable contest. Just about says it all. Care to share who you'll be voting for? I think not. Find out more here http://lancasteruaf.blogspot.com/2007/07/bnp-leadership-campaign-hots-up-at-last.html

Are you cross with me for mentioning Croatia? Find out more here http://lancasteruaf.blogspot.com/2007/07/butlitz-in-croatia-bnp-goes-on-holiday.html

There, that's all I've got to say for the moment. I'm off now to claim a few shillings from those Anarchist-Trotskite-Stalinist-International Financier-Masonic-Liberal-Labour-Conservative paymasters of mine. If I see you at the Sedgefield count I'll give you a wink.

George Dutton said...

Tory candidate at Labour dinner

A Conservative candidate in a west London by-election recently attended a fundraising event for the Labour Party and was photographed with Tony Blair.
Tony Lit, standing for MP for Ealing Southall, was head of Asian radio station Sunrise at the time. Sunrise donated £4,800 to Labour at the event.


clasper village genius said...

Strewth, talk about a gobshite!

How much did that cost the taxpayer, mm, aka Mark?

jonathan bowden said...


Anonymous said...

Did you know the Lib/Dem activist that was a secret peadophile Johnothan? And do you believe that children as young as 4 should be taught homosexuality in school m8. I believe you should put your views up on here bud so all can see.

Jonathan Bowden said...

Give it a rest, Andy.
You've already been told how to spell Jonathan's name and you still can't get it right. That is so disrespectful. You seem to have difficulty in processing information - makes you perfect cannon fodder for Old Nick to rip you and thew other mugs off.

Come on Kev, let's see some bnp discipline here. I think that Andy would be a useful asset to Nick in sorting out the overdue bnp accounts. Perhaps he could tap George for a few bob from his pension to contribute to the fine you're going to get from your pals at the Electoral Commission.

Who are you dressing up as this year's Red White and Blood? Have a nice weekend and don't be seen talking to the wrong people.

Daftie duck said...

So you didn't have a nice weekend, Kev. Hardly the "tonic" you said it was on sturmfrunt, eh?

You are right to put some distance between yourself and Spence's violence. We know that you can be volatile but,of course, you don't need to be associated with that type of nutter. Not with your record.

I wonder how you feel about Sharon snapping at your heels. She's not half got it in for you.

Don't you ever take time out to reflect on what you're doing and where you're going?

P.S. I saw what you were wearing on Saturday. I'm still blushing!!!

cod piece and chips said...

Oh no, not that cranky TWAFA stalker, Mark Ellis, again.

Don't the cops and the council give you enough money for all those days you spend posting on SF without bothering us on here?

Why so squeamish about a bit of fisticuffs though?

Remember, the tradition of militant anti-fascism (ten on to one usually)! Just ask Gerry about Kensington library.

Quack, quack!

only me said...

I see what someone else meant by Sharon having it in for you. Will you have internet access from Durham jail when it all comes out into the open?

Little wonder you're sounding more desperate by the day.

From a fascist website:

"I see the Tyneside T*** is blowing his horn over on Stormfront.

"I'm a front-line nationalist activist who's actually done something to make difference"

Do you have any idea how many people in your region think you're a mouthy a*******, Kevin?

Have you declared that £20,000 you pretended didn't exist to the taxman yet?

Advice from me, don't give to Civil Liberty and I'll show you why tomorrow.

Kind regards

Sharon Ebanks"

soyei sauce on chips said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't post on Stormfront,never have, never will, unlike you.

As for Ebanks, she is a loon, who doesn't know what she is talking about. When she does think she knows what she is talking about, she invariably gets it wrong.

Tell you what, contact the Electoral Commission and ask how their investigation into Civil Liberty is going. Pretend to be a police officer or journalist like you usually do.

The £20K she is on about is the donation to the BNP ("the biggest in the party's history", remember) prior to Nick's first acquittal. It bounced! Again, check with EC. Ebanks claims it was handed over to me as a donation to Civil Liberty. How could it be, when it was a spoof?

I haven't the heart to tell the silly poor cow. It's much funnier watching her make a fool of herself. She wouldn't believe me anyway. That's what happens when you create a personality cult and surround yourself with halfwits. Your mate Gerry knows all about that!

Tell you what, the next time you are on her forum, you can tell her and put her out of her misery!

But remember, someone is always watching!

only me said...

You're a proper fibber Kevin Scott (aka Daffy duck). If you can't admit posting on sturmfrunt then you can hardly be believed about the 20 grand.

Ebanks had the bottle to break away form the cult of Griffin. But you're hanging on in because it's your life. Imagine waking up one morning and realising that you've completely wasted your time...

Oh what might have been, Kev.

You're going to have to discipline Ralph about his letter to the N Echo. You just can't get the staff these days, can you.


gone for a burton again said...

Oh well, the stalking cranks of TWAFA are just as dim as Ebanks and her little gang, but I did try, readers.

Spare me all your amateur psych-ops stuff as well. It doesn't work. Save it for the next spoof bulletin or article in Searchlight.

Some great stuff from Sth Tyneside Council today on you. After a slow start, they are much more efficient than Gateshead at censoring out the juicy bits, but as you know, every little bit of info helps!

simon smith said...

We all thought you were a "frontline nationalist activist making a difference". Instead you sit patiently waiting for the postie. LOL.

Spoof cheques, spoof bulletins, spoof party by the rate of resignations. Still no accounts.

Blame the vermin!

sight for two soyeis said...

Same old, same old.

Put another record on, said the DJ!

Incidentally, who wrote this whingeing missive to South Tyneside Council: "Certain individuals are making vexatious requests to local authorities under the Act in an attempt to obtain information on TWAFA which compromise our safety and security. In light of this, we ask that you treat the information that I have provided to you by post, email or in person as confidential and not to be shared with third parties outside the local authority without prior consultation with TWAFA."

Not only a gobshite, but a crybaby as well!

west midlands fraud squad said...

Dear Sir

In response to Simon Darby's comments about me resigning from British National Party. I would like to thank him for acknowledging the hard work done myself in the party. With the exception of a particular Judas, most of the Black Country BNP are first class folk.

There has been a rumour I resigned because of the party's failure to allow me to promote the idea that 911 was an inside job. This isn't actually the case.

My resignation followed the disclosure of a private email to a supposed friend and colleague Ken Griffiths. The substance of the email was that based on events surrounding an article about Nick Griffin's wheeler dealing in Croatia, his meddling in the affairs of the independent trade union Solidarity and such items as £63,000 being spent on "travel and entertainment" (see 2005 BNP accounts at the electoral commission), it was about time we started educating the membership about what I believed we mutually recognised as serious financial mismanagement of the party. In fact it was Ken Griffiths along with a few others two years ago that encouraged me to examine Nick Griffin's history and therefore his leadership of the party.

I've worked for the party as a volunteer for over five years. Three years as the Black Country organiser. This work was unpaid. I may have claimed £60 at most in petrol in that time and of course have suffered in my employment. Famously being sacked as a teacher in 2004. The party's support was pathetic. The so called party legal eagle failed to advise me that I had three months to appeal to an industrial tribunal. I am currently investigating a sickening allegation that a substantial donation from a member of the public was made to myself following my sacking but didn't quite find its way to me.

At national level huge amounts are raised. The "Trafalgar Club " rakes in £72,000 a year according to other ex BNP figures that were close to Griffin [we've been told at least £90,000 but there you go]. Financial transparency , other than what has to be provided for the electoral commission is non existent. There are other large donations that are rumoured to have been made but not declared. This is the tip of the iceberg in my opinion.

So how is the British National Party being run ? There is a genuine need for a Nationalist Party in Britain. In my opinion Nick Griffin who is a fantastic (self) publicist and orator, runs the party as a private family business - in doing so it is also necessary to appoint dubiously moral lieutenants to keep it like that . It is a money based not ideologically based operation . As such it is necessary to periodically purge the party of thinkers and those who are capable of critical thought to keep it like that.

Cllr Simon Smith

kenny's bell end said...

A tenner says nothing comes of it?

Tell you what, make that £25,187, which is what you trousered from the taxpayers in Tyne & Wear 2003/04 on false pretences.

Along with £226 pension costs (thanks to the taxpayer); Travel and Subsistence, £1796 (in other words the bar bill);Office costs, £347 (doesn't Kenny pick up this tab?); telephone £2819 (all those calls to the benefit grass line); Accounts £657 (I know who does your accounts and they are taking the piss); research £34 (about sums it up, really); meeting expenses £71 (would that be for your AGM when your "250 members" (yeah right) turn up); Conference and Training £171 (pissed up against the wall, more like); computer costs £428 (to post on Stormfront, no doubt, encouraging 'nazism' and 'racism'); Equipment £879 (see what I mean about piss-taking); Childcare £60 (is that all?);Print, post and stationary £569 (for all those spoof bulletins encouraging 'nazism' and 'racism' you send out); Publications and subscriptions £152 (but Searchlight is only thirty two quid a year! Ooops, I forget about the Northumbria Police magazine and Dave Allen's copy of Razzle); Rent £0 (ah, this where Kenny steps in); Insurance £100 (I can see why you load of stalkers need that); miscellaneous £51 (maybe that's Dave's Razzle?); bank charges £11 (you mean the banks accomodate a ultra-radical organisation like TWAFA? Next, you will be saying Northumbria Police support TWAFA......Oooops, they do!)

Does Yunus and the comrade know you grass on them?

Joanne Soley said...

Well, there is a first time for everything, even the most unusual. The personal web of a LD cllr being used as a personal chatroom by BNP members ? ? ? LOL - you sad and strange lot clearly have nothing better to do.

Incidentally, Clasper Village Clampet, What is your NE top target ? Since you keep denying Dunston is ? Come on, out with it. No answer means Dunston IS your top target.

clasper village soon to be demolished said...

Why don't you ask your mates at TWAFA?

They seem to have all the answers!


Anonymous said...

@BNP bell-end above:

2003/4? No idea what your arch enemies have been up to lately then?

kenny luvs claire's hair said...

That was just the latest from Sth Tyneside, Ketlan.

More to come later, no doubt, when my other requests work themselves through the system. Plus I already have the accounts up to 2005.

At the beginning of next year, I will ensure my records are kept up to date with a new FOI request (best get them cry-baby letters in now, Mark), so don't worry yourself.

Anonymous said...


Well, as long as you keep busy.

I'm sure the T.W.A.F.A. is delighted to know your'e so concerned about them.

ged's grubby said...

Someone has to be, since the Lib Dems gave up asking questions about TWAFA's subsidy in Gateshead long ago.

I believe Jonathan once queried a trip to France they were planning to do some "research" on Le Pen. Now, he stays stum. Wonder why?

In the meantime, the Lib Dems happily throw the cash at them in Newcastle.

The Tories in Sunderland would deprive TWAFA of their subsidy, but since they have no chance of ever taking control of the council, that is unlikely.

Still, it is nice to see someone else has twigged on to the cranky stalkers who make up this poisonous group.