Thursday, January 17, 2008

Big Top plan withdrawn

A PROPOSAL to erect a big top style tent for a ten week period seating up to 8,000 people next to a busy suburb in Gateshead has been withdrawn.

Christian group “NE1” submitted the application to Gateshead’s planners last month to install the giant tent to house a weekly gathering on the site of Gateshead Central Nursery, next to Lobley Hill and Dunston Hill.

But residents expressed their opposition to the plan, fearing the area could not cope with the additional traffic for such an extended period. Signatures on a petition were being collected against the proposal.

Local Liberal Democrat Councillor Peter Maughan, who ran the petition on behalf of local residents, said, “Residents were very concerned about the impact on the area.

“The site is used for the Gateshead summer flower show but this lasts only a few days and measures are put in place to reduce parking by visitors in neighbouring streets.

“Using the site for ten weeks was too long so I am pleased the applicants have withdrawn their plan.”

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Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray !

Julie Nicholson