Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Big top plans opposed by residents and councillors

RESIDENTS of Lobley Hill and Dunston Hill are fighting plans for a big top to be installed by a religious organisation on the site of the Central Nursery in Gateshead.

And local Liberal Democrat Councillor Peter Maughan has taken a stand against the plans which are due to go before Gateshead’s Planning Committee in the near future.

Councillor Maughan has launched a petition against the proposal for the 8000 seat big top which he will present to the Planning Committee when the decision on the application is taken.

The application is by “NE 1” and if granted will see the big top in place for 10 weeks, hosting a weekly gathering of up to 8,000 people.

Councillor Maughan said, “The Central Nursery is used for one off events such as the Summer Flower Show, but these last for only a few days.

“The police and council do everything possible to cut down on congestion, prevent visitor parking in local streets and arrange for additional public transport.

“This application however is for an 8 week period and the impact on neighbouring Lobley Hill, Dunston Hill and High Grove Estate could be very large.

“I have therefore launched the petition so that local residents, many of whom have already been in touch with me, can put their concerns on record.

“When the applicaiton comes before the Planning Committee, I will be speaking against it.”


Sam Pritchard said...

Why are the plans being opposed? Your article does not seem to give a reason.

Nor have you said why the organisers, NE1, want to put up the big top. Surely that has something to do with the issue? Perhaps the organisers want to do good in the community?

Please give a balanced argument.

Anonymous said...

Sammy Pritchard clearly hasn't read the blog story ! It spells out perfectly clearly why our councillor is objecting = the total, complete and continuous chaos this will bring to the area over an unacceptable length of time. As the councillor says, when the garden show is on for a few days, we can cope with the congestion and number of visitors, but not for the length of time being proposed by NE1.

An objection is certainly justified.

Julie Nicholson
Whickham Avenue

Andrea Cave said...

the articl's pretty clear to me.

Bob Hopper said...

NE1 is supported by all the mainstream Christian denominations in the North East and is warmly endorsed by the Bishop of Durham. J John is a canon in the Church of England and a brilliant communicator. His J 10 series is based on the 10 commandments - and has seen amazing results at over 20 venues throughout the UK. A feature of each meeting is the 'amnesty bin' into which people can deposit 'items'. After don't steal the bins have seen returned hotel robes and towels, cash, and other items. After 'Don't kill' there have been knives and other weapons.
The church is frequently accused of not doing anything relevant for society - so here we are coming together for something which will have a positive effect.
The meetings are only happening ONCE per week (on a Tuesday evening). Churches are being encouraged to use coaches to minimise traffic movements around the site. We are investigating a 'park and ride scheme' for the same reason. The car park is free so there is no reason why people should park in neighbouring streets.
I hope that this will reassure local residents that everything is being done to make this event a success without causing unacceptable disruption.
Bob Hopper
Vicar of Lobley Hill

Anonymous said...

Bob Hopper can complain and claim all he likes, but the residents in this vicinity don't want this to go ahead - FULL STOP.

Once a week maybe so, but it is still an unnacceptable length of time at this location and the residents will fight this all the way if they come back with another application.

Andrea Cave