Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome for mast rejection

LIBERAL Democrat campaigners Peter Andras and Councillor Peter Maughan have welcomed the decision to reject a plan to replace a phone mast at the top of Lobley Hill in Gateshead.

Councillor Maughan, whose Dunston Hill ward includes part of Lobley Hill, spoke at Gateshead Council’s planning committee today, Wednesday 30th January, to ask for the application to be thrown out.

“The plan by 02 to replace the existing mast with one with three antennae was causing concern with residents,” said Councillor Maughan. “I am pleased it has been rejected.”

Peter Andras said, “The mast would have been an eyesore right next to people’s homes if it had been given permission.

“Now that it has been rejected, I am hoping 02 decide not to appeal to get the decision overturned.”

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