Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lib Dems score century in Low Fell

LIBERAL Democrats in Low Fell, Gateshead, are celebrating after producing the 100th edition of their community newsletter Focus.

Launched 20 years ago, the newsletter has proved a big hit with residents of Low Fell.

The area’s three Liberal Democrat Councillors, Frank Hindle, Ron Beadle and Charles Jevon have also used Focus to keep residents in touch with what’s happening in the area and on Gateshead Council.

Charles is now retiring from Gateshead Council. Campaigner Susan Craig has picked up the baton from Charles and is hoping to be elected in the local elections on 1st May, along with Frank Hindle who is due for re-election.

“Having spoken to many residents of Low Fell recently, I know just how useful they find Focus,” said Susan.

“It’s a great way to keep in touch and a useful way for the area’s Liberal Democrat councillors to keep residents up to date with what Gateshead Council is doing.”

Councillor Hindle said, “We are proud to have reached our 100th edition! Focus caught on very quickly with residents when we first produced it twenty years ago. And we are delighted we have kept it going all these years.

“Liberal Democrats believe that it is important for those who are elected by the people to remain in touch with the people. Focus is our main way of doing that.”

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Anonymous said...

It will probably be another century before we see another Conservative councillor in Low Fell - if at all.