Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MP challenged to public debate on Post Offices

LIBERAL Democrats in Blaydon constituency have challenged the area’s Labour MP to a public debate about the future of Post Offices.

The challenged was made after Blaydon Labour MP David Anderson voted with the government to continue closing post offices.

Councillor Peter Maughan, who is Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats for Blaydon, was so angry about Mr Anderson’s backing for continued post office closures that he decided to throw down the gaunlet to the MP.

“The government has ordered the closure of one in every five post offices,” said Peter. “Mr Anderson has called for more to be done in the past to keep open post office branches.

“In the recent vote in Parliament, MPs had the opportunity to vote to suspend the closure programme. Despite some Labour MPs voting against, Mr Anderson chose to vote with the government and backed the continuation of the closures.

“In the summer, the post offices that will be proposed for closure on Tyneside will be announced. Liberal Democrats will campaign to keep them open. But Mr Anderson needs to explain to constituents now why he has backed the closure of a fifth of the branches in the area.

“Mr Anderson was elected on a self proclaimed programme of being his own man and holding the government to account. He has, however, failed to do this and has consistently voted with the government. Post offices are just one example of this.

“I have therefore challenged Mr Anderson to a public debate on post office closures so that he can explain himself to his constituents.”

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