Friday, March 28, 2008

Call on Northumbrian Water to use Post Offices

LIBERAL Democrats in Gateshead have called on Northumbrian Water not to end bill payments through post offices.

The decision by the North East’s water provider to cancel the contract with post offices for payment of water bills has drawn a sharp response from Councillor Peter Maughan, parliamentarty candidate for Blaydon.

Northumbrian Water announced its change of policy earlier this year. As from April, paying water bills will no longer be allowed at post offices.

“I have written to Northumbrian Water to ask them to reconsider their decision,” said Peter. “Whilst there are other forms of payment available, paying through a post office branch is important for many residents and is often more convenient.

“Such payments also help support the post office network at a time when government ministers are trying to close down 2,500 branches.

“Whilst I appreciate the cost to the company is higher when paying through post offices than for other types of payment, it is overall just a small price to the company.

“I hope therefore that the company will think agains about their decision.”

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