Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome progress on Whickham Library garden

PLANS to develop a small garden behind a popular library are taking shape. Councillors Mary Wallace, Peter Craig and Chris Ord had campaigned to have the small piece of land at the rear of Whickham Library, in Whickham village in western Gateshead, converted into a small garden for readers and the local community.

The site was formerly an open, paved area at the back of the library but had become a venue for anti-social behaviour. After the Councillors raised the need to improve the site with Gateshead Council, it was fenced off.

“We are pleased that work is now underway to make this into a pleasant little garden,” said Mary. “It will be a green oasis and a boost for the library.

“In the summer months we are hoping readers will be able to site out in the garden, enjoy a good read and hopefully some good weather as well!”

Photo: Whickham Library Garden work underway.

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