Saturday, March 22, 2008

Red lights for Sunniside traffic lights

LAST year, Councillors, Alan and Marilynn Ord and Jonathan Wallace, successfully persuaded Gateshead Council to put traffic lights at the Sunniside Road, Front Street junction next to Sunniside Chapel, Sunniside.

Residents of the village will not have failed to notice that we are still waiting for the lights to go in.

“We have raised concerns with the Council about the length of time being taken to get the lights installed,” said Alan. “We were told late last year that the problem was a staffing shortage.

“However, given that time has now moved on, we are continuing to press for a timetable for the work to be carried out. As soon as we know the details, we will let everyone know.”

Photo: Councillors Alan and Marilynn Ord at the junction on Sunniside Front Street where the promised traffic lights have not yet appeared.

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Anonymous said...

I live on Granby Terrace therefore the proposed traffic lights will have an impact upon me and yet I have not been consulted or even asked for my opinion, which would of been nice.

I ersonally think it is a daft idea and would like someone somewhere to explai the rationale behind the decision.