Saturday, March 22, 2008

Whickham bulb show

Congratulations to all those who entered the Whickham Bulb Show and art competition on Saturday 15th March, and especially to the winners! We have included here a few of our own photos taken by Councillors Peter Craig, Alan Ord, Mary Wallace and Marilynn Ord who went to the show.


james said...

It would have been nice to see some of the photos of the flowers, If the councillors would have moved out of the way ?????
jame of whickham

Jonathan Wallace said...

Over half the photos don't have councillors in! Unfortunately, our normal photographer (ie me!) wasn't able to get to the show because of another appointment so the full range of photos we would normally have wasn't taken.

The Crafts House said...

We had winners again this year in the art competition...Lucy Horsman 1st place and Elizabeth Gray 2nd place, Lucy also won overall winner!! Not bad for a little art studio on the hill at Marley Hill!!
Sandra and David Goldsmith
The Crafts House
Marley Hill