Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Top talks in Lobley Hill

A planning application for a temporary big top that was given the go ahead by Gateshead Council recently has sparked discussions between opponents and supporters to ensure the impact is kept to a minimum.

The plans by churches group “NE1” for a big top to be installed next to Gateshead Central Nursery in Lobley Hill had sparked concerns from some residents about the impact of parking and congestion.

The plan will see the tent installed for a ten week period, seating 8,000 people. A weekly event will be held during the time the tent is in place.

Councillor Peter Maughan represented concerned residents at the planning meeting in March which considered the plan. He has since been in touch with organisers of the event to discuss residents’ concerns.

“I have had a positive discussion with Revd Bob Hopper of Lobley Hill’s All Saints Church, one of the key people helping to put the event together,” said Peter.

“The organisers are drawing up plans for stewarding the event so that those driving to Lobley Hill are directed to on site car parking. They are also encouraging park and ride schemes to cut down on congestion.

“I am hopeful that many of the concerns of residents can be resolved.”

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