Monday, April 14, 2008

Residents call for Rocket to be pulled down

Pull down the Rocket and the surrounding maisonettes! That’s the view of nearly 4 out of 5 of the people living in maisonettes next to the landmark high rise block of flats called Derwent Tower, but better known by its "Rocket" nickname.

The findings are from a survey carried out for Gateshead Council and the Gateshead Housing Company. The survey also found that people want the site used to building affordable homes for rent.

In addition, a public exhibition was held in Dunston Activity Centre by Gateshead Council on 19-20 February. 120 residents from the Dunston area came along.

Initial findings of a survey of those who attended show most want the Rocket to be demolished.
"It is now important that the Council moves quickly to carry out the wishes of local residents," said Councillor Peter Maughan. "As a teenager living in Dunston, I remember the Rocket being built. But residents have now spoken and it is time for it to go.

"I am keen however to ensure that new shops and a village centre are created to benefit all local residents."

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