Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is the UK already going soft on renewable energy commitments?

A new international agency to promote renewable energies across the world has been launched with the backing of energy specialist and Gateshead Member of the European Parliament, Fiona Hall.

But the Lib Dem Euro-MP has questioned the UK’s decision not to sign up to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which is expected to advise both industrialised and developing countries on reaching higher energy shares from renewable sources.

“IRENA offers up the potential to drive forward renewables and create jobs, whilst reducing global rivalries over fossil energies and delivering greater energy independence,” said Fiona.

“75 countries have already signed up to the agreement and it is disappointing that the UK government is still dragging its feet when this country could be leading the way on renewable energy,” said Fiona.

“IRENA in no way undermines the work of existing organisations such as the International Energy Agency. Rather it is a chance to give renewable energy the international co-ordination that it needs in order to become the world's future top energy source.”

Fiona co-authored a written declaration in the European Parliament calling for the establishment of an International Renewable Energy Agency in 2008.

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