Thursday, February 05, 2009

Traffic light consultation in Sunniside

Liberal Democrat councillors are consulting residents of Sunniside village in Gateshead about plans to install traffic lights at a busy junction.

Councillors Marilynn Ord, Jonathan Wallace and John McClurey have been campaigning for many years to install lights at the Sunniside Road/Sunniside Front Street junction.

The current junction is regularly congested and is difficult to navigate especially in the rush hour. Many motorists end up driving through the residential areas of Sunniside village to get to the next junction where traffic lights allow for a better traffic flow.

After over a year of discussion between the councillors and council official, Gateshead Council engineers have drawn up a set of plans for lights at the junction.

“We have put the plans in the window of Sunniside Post Office,” said Marilynn. “We want residents to take a look at what is proposed and to give us their views.

“We are sending a survey form to every house in Streetgate, Sunniside and Marley Hill so that people can give us their views.”

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