Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whickham house demolition appeal rejected

A planning appeal that could have led to the demolition of an historic house on Grange Lane in Whickham, Gateshead, and the building of 5 houses on the site has been dismissed.

Gateshead Council’s planning committee rejected an application to demolish the 100 year old house at 59 Grange Lane last summer. An appeal was lodged to get the council’s decision overturned. Planning inspectors however have upheld the Council’s original decision.

Councillor Marilynn Ord said, “There were concerns about packing in too many houses into this plot. We were also worried about the loss of one of Whickham’s original houses and the impact on neighbouring homes.

“I am pleased therefore that the decision has been taken to dismiss the appeal.”

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Anonymous said...

these cases are always interesting... in that the street in question probably has been "over" developed by other residents "getting in early" and selling out.. so that now the owners of this house cannot develop their plot as there will be "too many houses"... but what is fair for these current owners if they want to move?! If council thinks the house needs to be saved for "historic reasons" then they should buy it... otherwise let the market take care of it!