Friday, April 13, 2007

Bus changes spark call for passenger power

Recent big changes to bus services in the area have caused a great deal of concern, difficulty and confusion for many local residents, claims a leading Liberal Democrat Councillor in Gateshead.

And the changes have sparked a call to bring forward plans to make bus companies work more closely with councils to ensure residents have a greater say over where buses are running.

Doreen Boyes, who represents Pelaw and Heworth on Gateshead Council, has met residents to discuss the problems caused by the changes. She is working with bus users and other Councillors to make sure that Go Ahead Northern are aware of the problems people are facing.

Doreen said, "These changes were made without local people having a chance to say what they thought of them. Bus companies should have to consult more widely and give more notice of changes.

"This is what Liberal Democrats in Parliament are calling for. The government have promised to bring in changes that will allow this to happen. But at the moment there is still no action by government ministers to back up their words."

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