Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Restored grass verge wrecked by grass cutters

A grass area in Whickham, Gateshead, that was extensively damaged last year but then restored to its proper condition has had to be restored a second time following damage caused by grass cutting equipment.

Milton Road’s grassed area was used to park equipment and a workman’s cabin in 2006 whilst work on nearby homes was carried out. As a result, the turf was churned up and extensively damaged.

Following pressure from Liberal Democrat councillors Chris Ord, Mary Wallace and Peter Craig, Gateshead Housing Company agreed to restore the grassed area. Work on restoration was completed last month.

But the site was again damaged this week when the grass cutter was sent on to it to cut the now growing grass.

Councillor Chris Ord said, “I had a flood of calls from residents yesterday about the damage.

“Last year people had to live next to a mudbath. So people were pleased when the work was carried out to restore the grassed area.

“So understandably, when the grass was churned up again by the grass cutter, people were annoyed.”

As a result of Councillor Ord’s intervention, workmen have returned to the site to repair the damage.
Photo: Councillors Peter Craig and Chris Ord at the grassed area on Milton Road in 2006. The site was restored and then damaged again when grass cutters set to work on the site.

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