Sunday, April 08, 2007

Search is on for safety camera cash

12 months ago, Lib Dem campaigner Paul Diston, and local Lib Dem Councillors called for CCTV cameras to be installed in Fewster Square, Felling. Hundred of people backed Paul’s petition, and it was presented to the Council last summer.

Council wheels grind slowly, but Council officials have met with Northumbria Police, local businesses and landlords to look at ways of funding the cameras and the Council have finally written to Paul making clear that they are supporting the call for CCTV cameras.

Paul said “We always knew this would take time, and discussions are still continuing, but the idea of installing CCTV cameras has been accepted. This is a big step forward, and we hope that cameras will be in place in the not too distant future.”

“Fewster square is an important part of the local community, and we need to make sure it is safe for all those who shop or work here, or use the other local businesses and facilities. CCTV cameras are used in Gateshead Town Centre and elsewhere, and have proved useful in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. This scheme will help local businesses and the local community, and is long over-due.”

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