Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bus petition and meeting

Councillors representing Whickham, Swalwell and Sunniside have met Martin Harris, Director of Go North East bus company, to discuss bus services in the area. The meeting took place on 18th May.

Councillors raised concerns about the impact of recent changes to services, in particular the on going problems of lack of services from Sunniside to Whickham Health Centre and to Dunston, the change of direction in the services on Parkway and Broadway, the loss of services down Whaggs Lane and locations of bus shelters.

Councillors Allison Chatto and Mary Wallace also raised concerns about possible changes to services between Swalwell and Dunston.

Councillor Jonathan Wallace also handed over a petition signed by over 200 residents of Sunniside and Whickham asking for the problems in Sunniside outlined above to be addressed.

The meeting is one of a series the councillors will hold with the bus company to help find solutions to bus problems throughout the area.

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