Saturday, June 30, 2007

Get Carter Car Park to be demolished

Gateshead's multi-storey car park is to be demolished. The building was made famous as a location in the 1972 film classic Get Carter starring Michael Cain. Have you voted in our on-line poll about whether or not the building should be demolished. Whatever your views, watch our video about the demolition plans now!


Anonymous said...

In my opion the car park should stay, as this would be a very symbolic and awe inspiring place to throw Traiter, politicians off

George Dutton said...

You can be sure of one thing, whatever NEW Labour have planned for Gateshead it will be to favour their rich big business friends and NOT us the people of Gateshead. Well they have never cared about us before. Think about it 38 years after NEW Labour rebuilt Gateshead they are having to demolish it. You couldn`t make this stuff up. NEW Labour should have a health warning on the voting paper.