Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recycling petition launched

LIBERAL Democrats have launched a petition calling on Gateshead Council to consider introducing kerbside collections of plastic and cardboard waste.

The petition was launched following the decision of the ruling Labour group to reject calls for kerbside collections to be extended.

Currently collections of paper, cans and bottles are made once a fortnight from homes in Gateshead. At a Council meeting on 7th June, Liberal Democrats called on Gateshead Council to look at expanding collections to include plastic and cardboard.

But Labour councillors binned the idea, claiming lorries would run late and waste plastic would have to be washed before collection.

Liberal Democrats vowed however to continue the battle. They have launched the petition so that residents can put pressure on Labour to make them change their mind.

Dunston and Teams campaigner Michael Ruddy said, “We are disappointed at Labour’s decision but we will continue to campaign for better recycling. We have already send petition forms to over 1000 homes in Gateshead. More will be sent shortly.”

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