Sunday, June 17, 2007

Liberal Democrats choose Michael again for by-election

LIBERAL Democrats in Dunston and Teams in Gateshead have chosen Michael Ruddy to be their candidate for the ward by election being held on 5th July.

Michael, who lives in Victoria Street in the Teams is a former taxi driver. He fought the ward in the May local elections when he came second to Labour.

“If elected I want to be a strong voice for our area on Gateshead Council," said Michael. "I am also joining with Liberal Democrat councillors from across Gateshead to campaign for more and better recycling in the borough.

“Labour’s recent decision to reject kerbside collections of plastics and cardboard for recycling was a bad decision for Gateshead and the environment. Liberal Democrats are campaigning to make Gateshead greener.”
Photo: Michael Ruddy and Susan Craig in the Teams. Michael has been chosen by Liberal Democrats to be their candidate for the Dunston and Teams by-election on Thursday 5th July. Susan was the Liberal Democrat candidate for neighbouring Lobley Hill and Bensham ward where she has slashed Labour's majority to just 54 votes.

Printed by Gateshead Liberal Democrats, 97 Front Street, Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE16 4JL and promoted by Frank Hindle on behalf of Michael Ruddy, all at Room 311, Aidan House, Sunderland Road, Gateshead NE8 3HU


clasper village genius said...

Mr Ruddy doesn't live in the ward though.

Plus, he was lined up for Bensham & Lobley Hill next year (where he does live) providing you took the seat from Labour (which you didn't).

So much for his commitment to D&T!

Funny, how you don't trust him to lead the line in B&LH though. Instead, you prefer the wife of a Whickham-based councillor.

So much for the Lib Dem's confidence in the people of B&LH!!

A couple of errors in your post concerning the by-election on your blog: D&T isn't the BNP's North East "target seat", as you claim. However, we do get a solid vote there, as you know, hence your panic.

Second, the BNP candidate in May (and the September by-election) hadn't stood in the previous two elections, as you claim.

However, he retains an interest in the ward (so he is the agent for the BNP's local candidate) after living in the area for fifteen years and has had to move out due to the lack of affordable and adequate social housing in the area.

A problem you don't face, Jonathan, particualrly since you own two homes (one in Gateshead, the other in London!

Jonathan Wallace said...

Michael Ruddy has not been lined up for LHB for 2008. No selections for next year's elections have been made.

clasper village genius said...

I did say if the councillor's wife from Whickham had taken the seat from Labour last month in B&LH (which she didn't).

Mr Ruddy was lined up to be the next Lib Dem candidate (or so he thought).

Unless, of course, you have more Whickham wives up your sleeve (and don't trust Mr Ruddy in a winnable watd for the Lib Dems, which D&T isn't)!

Andrew Baker, Burnopfield said...

As a new visitor, having learned of this site via the recent thank you focus received by my friend at Kelvin Gardens, Dunston, who is being most talkative about local activities in his area. I am confused to say the least at some of the comments on this site!

Labour and BNP are clearly fighting the Dunston election on this site. This, in my opinion, is a clear sign of where their priorities lie !

This morning (20 June 2007) I delivered a parcel to a property in Seymour Street, Dunston. As I drove away from the property, I noticed a neighbouring property's windows covered with "BNP VOTE SWADDLE posters"

Am I missing something ? ?
On one part of this site there are referals to the BNP candidate "THROWING IN THE TOWELL", yet on another part (on a story of the Post Office), there appears to be a comment from the BNP candidate as to why he/she has "done a runner !

So, if he/she has "thrown in the towel", why is this poster and it's party advertising/appealing/begging people to vote for him/her at 11 Seymour Street, Dunston ??? (SWADDLE) ??????

According to Gateshead Council's official website, the BNP's candidate for the election in July 2007 is of a total different name ? ! ?

Can these people really be taken seriously ? ? ?

Andrew Baker

Helen Wilson said...

So, the Clasper Village Genius thinks D & T is not a winnable ward for the LD's.

One thing's for sure from Mr Baker's comment, D & T is not a winnable ward for the BNP, especially when they're advertising the wrong candidate - laugh out loud.

They never will be taken seriously in this area. Bickering on these pages is all they seem capable of.

clasper village genius said...

Who's bickering?

I'm just pointing out some of the spin and deception of the Lib Dems, particularly with regards their 'local' candidate and his master in Whickham.

As for the posters: thanks for the tip off.

Now for predictions: Labour will win this seat comfortably, without much effort, other than an information-free leaflet and a quick shuffle of the marked register.

Their mates from the trade unions and the council-funded far-left ( will do their best to spread the anti-BNP message and counter any threat to their crumbling vote from that quarter.

Bingo: 500 votes, thanks to the corrupted postal vote.

Such is democracy in the rotten borough of Gateshead!

Now if Lib Dem supporters want to come on here and tell me how that isn't going to happen and why, then I would be pleased to listen.

However, the first of the other candidates to grab 200 votes will get second place and I am convinced it won't be the Tory!

George Dutton said...

All I can say is if Michael Ruddy is half as good as the Lib Dems we have in Whickham the people of Dunston and Teams will be well served. BEST of luck Michael.

ruddy duck said...

The Lib Dems - the party for family values.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what part of the Dunston /Teams ward that photograph was taken in? It looks like the B&LH ward to me, a bit of the ward at the bottom of Armstrong st. A mere 200 to 300 yards from the candidates home. I would like to think that as a potential councillor he would venture slightly further afield. Doesn't look too good for the candidate, if he can't even be bothered to go to the ward he is fighting for, to have a photograph taken does it? By the way good use of the scaffolding in the background, don't forget to mention that the LIB/Dims have nothing to do with it.

clasper village genius said...

Great leaflet by Labour out this weekend in D&T.

Hyping up the BNP to squeeze the other parties (Lib Dem and Tory) standing.

Many thanks to Gary and the Labour Party.

We just couldn't do it without you!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Michael can give us the benefit of his voice on here, and tell us just what his plans are for the D&T ward(in way of his representation of the people there). Maybe he can cast some of his views on the local issues surrounding the residents at this time, and how he plans to fight for those residents. COME ON Michael, let us hear this strong voice of yours.