Sunday, August 01, 2010

“End delays and sort parking” - Lib Dems tell Council

Frank and Ron on Durham Road Jul 10

Businesses and their customers in Low Fell have complained about the time it is taking the Council to sort out parking restrictions on Durham Road in Low Fell.

Over two years ago they asked the Council to allow some short stay parking at the shops, so that people could stop and collect their shopping without getting a parking ticket.

Councillor Ron Beadle said “Gateshead Council is letting everyone down. Last year it was agreed to make changes – but internal delays at the Civic Centre mean that tickets are still being issued, and local businesses are continuing to suffer.

“Labour Councillors say they are concerned about local people and the economy, but Low Fell is certainly one place where they aren’t showing it. We will keep pressing at all levels until this problem is dealt with.”

Photo: Councillors Frank Hindle and Ron Beadle on Durham Road, Low Fell, where they are pressing the Council to sort parking issues.

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