Sunday, August 01, 2010

Welcome for Washingwell Woods restoration

Washingwell Woods Yvonne and Michael Jul 10 1

A woodland in a local country park is to be restored to its natural state. Washingwell Woods is popular with residents of Whickham, Sunniside, Dunston and Lobley Hill.

Over the next 5 years Gateshead Council are to work with the Forestry Commission and Natural England to restore the woods. Conifer trees will be harvested to allow the natural woodland plants to recover and trees to re-establish through the process of natural regeneration.

Restoration will be carried out sensitively and gradually to bring these woods back to life. The restoration of ancient woodland is a top UK biodiversity priority. Many of the footpaths within the woodland will be fully restored after the forestry works have been carried out.

“I am pleased that this work will be carried out,” said Lobley Hill Lib Dem campaigner Michael Ruddy.

“Washingwell Woods is an important green location which makes the area all the more attractive as a place to live.”

“The creation of Lotties Wood near Sunniside shows what can be done with a properly managed woodland,” said Cllr Yvonne McNicol. “A great wooded parkland can be created for all to enjoy as well as establishing an important haven for wildlife.”

(Photo: Cllr Yvonne McNicol and Michael Ruddy at Fugar Bar, next to Washingwell Woods)

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