Sunday, August 01, 2010

Green policies “will boost Gateshead jobs” say Lib Dems

GREEN policies on which the Liberal Democrats fought the general election have been included in the Agreement that led to the creation of the Coalition Government. And Liberal Democrats say the measures will boost the local economy as well as save Gateshead households on energy bills.

Policies agreed by the Government include the setting up of a green investment bank and a reform of the banking system to make sure that banks lend to viable British businesses. There will also be measures to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses and support for low carbon energy production and an increase in the target for energy from renewable sources.

“Gateshead Council is considering plans to generate clean electricity in the borough from renewable sources,” said Councillor Jonathan Wallace.

“Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy, Chris Huhne, has announced that councils will now be allowed to sell any surplus electricity they create to customers via the National Grid. Under Labour they were banned from doing so.

“This will boost green energy production in the borough and help to create more local jobs. Plans to increase energy efficiency in homes through better insulation will also create jobs in Gateshead whilst the work is carried out. And that will also mean lower energy bills for households in Gateshead.”

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