Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Complacent Labour "very happy" with reduced library

The row about the huge cuts in library services in Lobley Hill boiled over at a meeting of Gateshead Council on Thursday 8th March.

Readers of Gateshead News may recall that last year, the Labour council decided to axe the library at the top of Lobley Hill. As an alternative, they offered a slimmed down version dubbed a "wardrobe" by many residents because it is tucked away in a tiny room inside Lobley Hill Community Centre.

A survey of residents by local Liberal Democrats has since found that 86% of people are unhappy with the new service.

But at the meeting on 8th March, the Labour Cabinet proudly announced Gateshead Council was applying for government cash for the Central Library.

"What about Lobley Hill?" asked Lib Dem Councillor Jonathan Wallace.

This drew an angry response from Cabinet member and Lobley Hill Councillor Catherine Donovan.

"We are very happy with the facilities. We are happy with the way things are going. We are moving positively on in Lobley Hill."

Local Lib Dems don't agree and think it’s time for Councillor Donovan to come to Lobley Hill and speak to residents and explain to them why Labour are "very happy" with slashing the service here whilst looking to improve them elsewhere. Perhaps Labour then may not feel so complacent about the way they have treated Lobley Hill.

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George Dutton said...

Under Gateshead council/New Labour everything is reduced. The quality of life to mention just one.