Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Speed survey in Dunston

A SPEED survey on a busy residential road in Dunston, Gateshead, has been carried out by Gateshead Council, at the request of the area’s Liberal Democrat Councillor, Yvonne McNicol.

The road is part of a 20mph zone but residents have raised concerns about the speed of traffic coming through the estate, particularly down the long stretch of road on Knightside Gardens.

"Very recently one car came down Knightside Gardens so fast that it left the road and ended up with part of it on the pavement,” said Yvonne. “Fortunately no one was hurt but it does show that breaking the speed limit holds potential dangers, especially in built up areas"

"The survey will allow Gateshead Council to consider if any further steps are required to support those currently in place to tackle speeding."

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George Dutton said...

I was coming out of Braside onto Knightside Gardens a few weeks ago a car was coming up Knightside Gardens it must have been doing over 60mph. I could have pulled out onto the roundabout as nothing was coming from my right and the car coming up Knightside Gardens would have (I don`t want to think about it).