Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Petition for safety improvements in busy road

LIBERAL Democrat Councillors representing Dunston Hill in Gateshead have handed in a petition to the Council calling for improvements to safety on Whickham Highway, next to the new Mansion Heights development, between Dunston Hill and Whickham.

The developers of the site have agreed to pay half the costs of putting a crossing in. The crossing will make it safer and easier for people to get to the bus shelter on the Whickham bound side of Whickham Highway.

The petition was raised and collected by residents and Councillor Allison Chatto handed the petition in at the full meeting of Gateshead Council held on 8th March.

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George Dutton said...

I see that Gateshead council are trying once again to show the world how not to plan something out. They have put traffic lights at the top of Lobley hill bank, these traffic lights have a filter left as you come off the Whickham highway yet only one lane to go out onto Lobley hill road the other lane is for bus only. A car turing right stops all the cars wanting to go left as it waits to get out. The cars behind are making sharp turns to go into the bus lane to turn left???. What a mess,only a matter of time before an accident I fear.

To New Labour/Gateshead Council well thought out,sensible,logical, and sane are all alien concepts.