Monday, March 05, 2007

Gateshead Liberal Democrats boosted by conference

LOCAL Liberal Democrats have returned to Gateshead from the party’s spring conference boosted for the battles ahead.

Dr Jonathan Wallace, who attended the Liberal Democrats’ gathering in Harrogate on 2nd – 4th March said the conference was a great success with Party Leader Menzies Campbell MP leading from the front.

Members debated a number of issues but tackling crime was the most important matter discussed. Other debates included cutting pollution from homes, regenerating communities and the future of the nuclear deterrent.

“Harrogate was a successful conference for the Liberal Democrats,” said Dr Wallace who is Councillor in Gateshead. “In sharp contrast to both the Conservatives and Labour, we are able to discuss policy, have informed debates and allow the members to decide policy.

“But it also demonstrated that Menzies Campbell leads from the front.

“The conference has been a great boost for the Liberal Democrats as we head towards the next challenge, the local elections in May. We are confident of a good result in those contests.”

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