Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Labour MP David Anderson challenged over Trident

FORMER firebrand and now Labour MP for Blaydon, David Anderson has been challenged to come off the fence and oppose the government’s plans to replace the Trident nuclear submarines by a leading local Liberal Democrat.

A vote on whether or not to replace the Trident submarines will be taken on Wednesday 14th March when up to 100 Labour MPs are expected to rebel and vote against the plans.

The government is expected to win however as the Conservatives are voting with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jonathan Wallace, who represents Whickham in the heart of Blaydon constituency on Gateshead Council said, “Mr Anderson has been strangely quiet on this matter.

“Since the general election in 2005 when he was first elected, Mr Anderson has been a loyal supporter of Mr Blair, voting consistently for government measures.

“If Mr Anderson is voting to support the government yet again, perhaps he is hoping to do so under the radar, hoping no one in Blaydon will notice.

“I am calling on him to vote against replacement now. And whether or not he is voting with the government, I am calling on him to make his views clear before the debate.

“Taking a decision on replacing the Trident submarines now pre-empts the outcome of the international nuclear disarmament talks due to be held in 2010 and could cause them to fail.

“And it will encourage countries such as Iran to continue developing their own nuclear programme.

“The most sensible course of action is to decide whether or not to replace Trident, with all the costs involved, after we have seen the outcome of the nuclear disarmament talks.

“That is why Liberal Democrat MPs will be voting against the Blair, Brown and Cameron decision to press ahead with replacement now on 14th March.”


George Dutton said...

Our local Lib Dem Councillors are first rate at trying to help people as they are used and abused by the New Labour Councillors who take people and their votes for granted. A case of Familiarity breeds contempt.

It`s a pity that the Lib Dems in the house of commons are not as good as our local Lib Dem Councillors.

The Lib Dems want Trident and say they will use it to bargain away othere nations WMD first. As that will not happen and we can`t take the lead in getting rid of Trident it is clear that they want it. It is so often the case with the Lib Dems say one thing mean another. They just can`t be honest with us the people just like the Tories and New Labour. All of this is why we in the UK are in such a mess with a lot more to come.

George Dutton said...

Just think what we could do with all the money Trident is costing and will cost. It really hurts to think about it.

Taken from the compass web site...

March 30th 2007
"A bumper City bonus season is drawing to a close. An estimated £8.8 billion has been dished out to City workers, with 4,200 of them receiving bonuses in excess of £1 million. The usual tales of conspicuous consumption follow, washed down with champagne, while the rest of Britain looks on."

The world gone mad,has it not always been so.