Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lib Dems hand Gateshead “Save Our Post Offices” petition to Downing Street

A petition in Gateshead calling for Post Offices to be saved from closure has been handed in to Downing Street by Liberal Democrats.

Party campaigners collected the signatures in protest at government plans to close 2500 Post Office branches. They handed on the petition to the Liberal Democrats Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Susan Kramer MP at the recent party conference held in Harrogate.

Petition Co-oordinator Councillor Jonathan Wallace then teamed up with Mrs Kramer to hand over the petition to Downing Street. They also handed over thousands of other signatures collected by Liberal Democrats across the country.

Jonathan said, “Many residents of Gateshead are concerned about the future of the Post Office network. We have already seen the closure of 6 branches in the area in recent years.

“We ran the petition so that residents of Gateshead could raise with the government their concerns. We are pleased therefore that we have been able to hand in the petition to Downing Street.

“We are waiting to see the results of the government’s consultation on its Post Office closure plans. Liberal Democrats will continue to argue for a strong Post Office network as a vital asset in local communities.”
Photo: Susan Kramer MP and Councillor Jonathan Wallace (both front row) handing over the petition to 10 Downing Street.


George Dutton said...

I was going to say that New Labour should examine their own consciences at plans to close 2500 Post Office branches.

But then I thought how can they examine something they don`t have.

George Dutton said...

It should be noted that David Clelland the Labour Member of Parliament for Tyne Bridge voted to close down the Ellison Road Post office. He didn`t care about the people of Dunston when he done that.